Shocking electricity prices – not surprising!

With all the talk this week of Eskom being effectively bailed out by the government, you might have missed one killer detail.

It’s not just future taxes that we’ll have to pay to keep Eskom going, but also we’ll be hit in the pocket in our electricity bills. Maybe as much as R12,000 extra on your bill over the next 5 years.

NERSA – that’s the body which is there to protect YOU the consumer from Eskom being a bully – has put forward a 12.69% price rise in 2015/16, going away from the 8% originally proposed.

This means if your bill was R1000/month last year – it increased to R1080/month this year, but next year it will be R1217 per month. If the price keeps going up at that rate, you’ll end up paying almost R12,000 MORE over the next 5 years:

Here’s a little table for us all to digest.

The current NERSA proposal means over the next 5 years you’ll be paying more than R3,500 MORE than they originally said. If they slip even further and promise 12.69% every year, then that rises to almost R12,000 EXTRA.

Maybe it’s time to start thinking about reducing your usage, or starting to make your own. We’ll do our best to help:

Our cut your bill guide is here and a quick look at your options if you want to generate your own here.

There’s more news covering the tariff increases here:


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