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Watching your utilities so you don’t have to!

Whether it is your electricity, water, air conditioning or geyser – Homebug stays at home, keeping track of your utilities, and alerts you if something looks suspicious!

Our Services

Smart metering for estates, malls, apartment blocks and even granny flats. We monitor a wide range of utilities like electricity, water, air conditioning, heat pumps, generators, pool pumps, etc. With our IoT solutions the possibilities are endless!

Combined with our smart metering, we give you faster and easier tenant billing. With real time dashboards, tariff management and end of month bills in PDF, Excel or whichever format you require. We’ll keep both your tenants and accounting team happy.

We give advice for businesses and body corporates to optimise tariffs by combining engineering and financial expertise. Our community of like-minded Homebug Heroes give advice and guidance on how to reduce your utility bills.

What you need to get started

+ R50-R190/meter/month

The smart box to connect smart meters to the cloud. Ideal for sub-metering in estates, malls or commercial and industrial buildings.

  • RS485, RS232, Modbus, MBus and TTL Serial
  • Managed SIM card included
  • Up to 32 wired meters
  • Upgradable to wireless comms including WMBus, WiFi, BLE, LoRa, Sigfox
  • Automated Utility Billing

Our Bluetooth and WiFi data logger that relays your battery and other Bluetooth device data to the cloud.

  • Easy self installation without needing an electrician
  • Uses your home or company WiFi
  • Can receive more than 20 devices – anything that is in range
  • Revov and Vestwoods batteries fully supported
  • Simple user interface with website and app
  • Premium subscription options include alerts and advanced battery health analysis

eBug Black

From R1995

+ R299/year

Our most customisable data logger. Everything from pulse counting to home-automation. Flexible solution to suit your needs.

  • Various network options available
  • Pulse count any existing meter – prepaid or normal meters
  • Support for limited smart metering – smart meters sold separately
  • Home Automation options available – integrates with Sunsynk, SolarEdge, Home Assistant, etc