Our Solutions

Homebug’s combination of metering, billing and professional services creates huge value for clients despite varying needs. Using our eBug modules and working with the best meters for your needs (trading off price and accuracy) we can reduce bills, increase cash-flow, stop leaks and guide investments for your building – whether it is a mall, cluster building (block of flats), mixed use or industrial, or even just one home or a granny flat.

More important than the technology, however, is what you do with the data that you get.

Here is where we move from being ‘smart utilities’ to being smart about your utilities.

For some clients this simply means being easy and fast to rebill utilities onto tenants. For others it means optimising their tariffs to suit their usage, or helping reduce their usage in a way that unlocks lower tariffs.

The following pages show how we have helped our clients

If anything in these case studies piques your interest, if you’d like to ask a question or you want to know what we can do for you and your building, please contact us via the contact us page. Alternatively ask a question in any of the relevant articles in our advice section and our team / community will rush to help!