We have a custom developed Tariff Engine for the South African sub-metering market, to handle all Eskom and municipal tariff structures.

We natively support tariffs and rates with Time-of-Use Schedules to calculate separate billing lines for usage during Peak, Standard or Off-Peak periods.

Our system does submetering and splitting of generator usage during load shedding periods. Our eBug Grey is used to obtain a Generator Signal, telling the tariff engine when the generator was actually in use. A Generator Surcharge is added to the tenant bills for electricity used during load shedding times or times when the generator was running.

Our system natively handles tenancy changes and pro-rata bills. The system is flexible enough to allow configuring which utilities and which tariffs should be applied to the different properties a tenant is renting. This also allows splitting of communal area charges with some tenants, according to the rental agreements.

Bills can be exported as PDF, CSV, Excel or any format required by your accounting or management software, like MDA Property Manager, MRI Property Central, or Sage.

Tenants get access to a realtime dashboard to monitor their usage per utility, but also as total cost so far this month, and viewing previous monthly bills.