Everyone’s situation is different, and we are happy to accommodate this. Our system is flexible enough to cover all South African sub-metering scenario’s, prepaid and postpaid, but things change and then we adapt.

One of our most recent additions was support for billing generator power at a different rate for a shopping mall client. This meant we needed to know when the generator is actually running, and apply a different Rand-per-kWh rate only during these times. This is a common scenario with load shedding in South Africa, and we have now deployed this system to multiple shopping malls and business parks in South Africa.

Our team has skills in the engineering, data science and business management space, and therefore we can provide additional professional services. Some of those include:

  • Electricity usage profiling
  • Tariff optimisation – after profiling your electricity usage, we can recommend a more optimal tariff for you. 
  • We can help with filing the tariff change with the municipality.
  • Custom electronic and firmware design
  • Software development: backend, database, frontends, websites, apps