Homebug has developed a sophisticated IoT based Telemetry and Command system which we call the eBug system. Our eBug system is a flexible data acquisition framework that can be used to monitor a wide variety of utility usages and other parameters.

  • Electricity – prepaid or postpaid
  • Water – usage monitoring
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning – usage monitoring and control
  • Heat Pumps for hot water – metering of usage, monitoring of system and control
  • Scheduled switching – geysers, irrigation

Our system was developed in the harsh sub-metering market, where data loggers are commonly installed in street side kiosk, exposed to the elements.

Being able to send realtime commands to our devices allows for smart control, but also schedule based control for times when communication could be hampered due to load shedding. Commands can include prepaid electricity topup, shut-off of unpaid users, or even turning air conditioning off when an office is empty.