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  • How far we’ve come – a history of electricity tariffs

    Inspired by a forum post on mybroadband, I decided to dig into my history books and pull out what the old electricity tariffs were. It turns out that a house that was paying R500 per month in 2008, will be paying R2000 in 2018, but surprisingly it’s not always been price increases ever year.

  • Should I stock up before the Eskom price rise?

    Should I stock up before the Eskom price rise?

    It’s that time of year again – electricity prices are increasing. On Tuesday (1st April), Eskom buyers will see a price increase of 8% whereas Municipalities will increase their prices on 1st July. You can delay or avoid that rise by being smarter about how much you buy, right now! For a household that normally…

  • Reducing your Tariff

    Reducing your Tariff

    You might think it’s impossible to reduce your tariff – and in some ways you’re probably right. Whoever connects your electricity will supply it your home forever. If you’ve recently de-emigrated from the UK, you might be relieved by not having to change suppliers every year to get the best deal. If you want a…

  • How to cut your electricity bill

    Because 70% of South African homes are prepaid and everyone is an ‘inclining block tariff’ – i.e. you pay more as you buy more electricity – many South Africans really don’t understand what their electricity usage costs them. One day you spend R500 on electricity and get 560 units, another time you pay R500 but…