Your Green *Home*

Congratulations to the Green Building Council South Africa on their My Green Home initiative!

You can keep track of this excellent energy saving programme here Their site is loaded with tips on making Your Home Green, whether that’s saving electricity (our favourite!) or reducing the amount of waste you send to landfill or water that you use. It’s a great, home-grown initiative that Homebug is doing everything we can to support.

One thing we noticed when we installed our Homebug Pro at the Green Home was that so many energy saving products really don’t look ‘at-home’ in domestic environments. At Homebug we’ve built our energy monitoring and control system from the ground-up for South African HOMES, not for industry. It’s still just as tough and reliable as an industrial system, but it’s small, attractive, low-cost and useful rather than overly complex, expensive and messy!

Homebug compare to an industrial monitorSo, if you’re about to embark on an energy saving, bill-cutting adventure, make sure you start with an energy monitoring device that is designed in South Africa to suit your Green Home – like Homebug (the little box just above the meter on the left) rather than something designed for a factory (the other monitoring product below).

Stay tuned for news about our new Homebug Base, which promises to be even easier to install coming soon!


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